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New Games Delivered To Your Inbox Every Month

4 new games each month mean your piano students are getting the new and exciting learning experiences they need!

No Hassle Membership

We understand that teaching piano is not the most predictable career; and that’s why you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Different Games For Different Brains

There is no “cookie cutter” formula for teaching piano to children. That’s why we deliver games built for different learning styles. 

No More Wasted Time

Rarely do people see how much “out-of-lesson” time a teacher spends prepping. We want to ease the pain and help with your planning.

In Context Learning To Reinforce Bookwork

Because we want to directly benefit lesson goals, many of our games incorporate elements of your students’ current piano pieces.

Guaranteed Success

Our games are kid-tested before sending them your way. And if you’re not happy with the result, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

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